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Will Social Security Be Around When I Need It?

Recently, six members of the House of Representatives, led by Representative Reid Ribble (R - WI), introduced the Save Our Social Security Act (also known as the S.O.S. Act). Key provisions of the Act, with my thoughts, are outlined below. Although the Act may not pass in the near future, it begins to set the template for changes which will be required to keep Social Security afloat.

How Does A Judge Want You To Act During Your Divorce-For The Woman

Almost every woman I represent tells me she feels that the Courts bend over backwards to help the man during their litigation. Men can refuse to disclose financial information, they can spend all of the marital money during the separation and they can not financially support their family, yet their appear to be no consequences.

How To Prepare For a Custody Evaluation

If a custody evaluation has been ordered in your case, get to your attorney's office right away!! And if your divorce attorney says something like "just cooperate and everything will be fine," get a free consult with a highly experienced divorce attorney! 


As more and more Courts become more and more stingy about awarding alimony-and some states are working towards limiting or eliminating alimony altogether-people often ask me how alimony is going to be calculated in their case.

Divorce Preparation-A Series: Part 5--How can I minimize the costs of attorneys' fees in divorce?

Sometimes you can. Sometimes, you can't. How is that for what appears to be a BS answer? It is, however, a reality.

Divorce Preparation-A Series: Part 3--How do I know if I am finding the right divorce attorney?

So, you found your divorce attorney, and you and the attorney are now working together. Perhaps it is purely for advice. Perhaps you are drafting a separation agreement. Maybe you are engaged in hard-nosed litigation.

Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce-Divorce Can Be Crappy

In the opening of Season 2 of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce, one of the characters talks about her own divorce experience, which can be summed up as follows:

How Many "Passes" Should Your Spouse Get Before Divorce?

Giving or getting a pass in a marriage in an interesting concept. 

Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce-Setting Up Your Spouse!

I like to read and watch what my clients are reading and watching. I draw the line at some things, but recently, I watched the first episode of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce. 

Can I Change My Child's Name?

I am often asked whether an action can be filed to change the name of a child. The reasons vary dramatically. On the one hand, a parent just does not like the other parent. On the extreme other hand, the offending parent might be a real bad person.

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