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Did the Beatles Invent Mediation?

"We Can Work It Out" is an iconic Beatles song, urging people to work together to solve their problems.

Will Social Security Be Around When I Need It?

Recently, six members of the House of Representatives, led by Representative Reid Ribble (R - WI), introduced the Save Our Social Security Act (also known as the S.O.S. Act). Key provisions of the Act, with my thoughts, are outlined below. Although the Act may not pass in the near future, it begins to set the template for changes which will be required to keep Social Security afloat.

The U.S. Constitution and The Right To Parent

As a divorce attorney, I rarely have cases that involve aspects of the US. Constitution.

Top Ten Do's and Don'ts When Representing a Self-Employed Client in a Support Case

From time to time, I re-publish great Do's and Don'ts lists in the field of family law. Here is one regarding income from a self-employed individual. 

The Divorce Gap-Women Do Worse After Divorce, Almost Always!

I was reading a recent article from Atlantic Magazine, entitled The Divorce Gap. It traced how women tend to do so much more financially poorly after divorce. 

SIEGELLAW Continues To Set Standards in Maryland Divorce Law

On July 19, 2016, the Maryland Court of Appeals issued a highly anticipated Opinion, requiring trial judges to consider divorcing parties' actual or anticipated social security benefits as a FL 8-205(b) factor before determining whether to grant a monetary award to adjust the equities and rights of the parties in their marital property.

How Does A Judge Want You To Act During Your Divorce- For The Man

Men feel that they get a bad rap in the divorce process. Judges favor moms for custody. Men get hit with high child support and alimony awards. Why does she get half of my retirement? I hear this all the time.


So, in Maryland, a state with an Equal Rights Amendment, the answer, by law, is no, right? A lot of guys, and many women, just don't buy it. Is it true, myth, hype or situational?

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