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SIEGELLAW Continues To Set Standards in Maryland Divorce Law

On July 19, 2016, the Maryland Court of Appeals issued a highly anticipated Opinion, requiring trial judges to consider divorcing parties' actual or anticipated social security benefits as a FL 8-205(b) factor before determining whether to grant a monetary award to adjust the equities and rights of the parties in their marital property.

How Does A Judge Want You To Act During Your Divorce-For The Woman

Almost every woman I represent tells me she feels that the Courts bend over backwards to help the man during their litigation. Men can refuse to disclose financial information, they can spend all of the marital money during the separation and they can not financially support their family, yet their appear to be no consequences.

How To Prepare For a Custody Evaluation

If a custody evaluation has been ordered in your case, get to your attorney's office right away!! And if your divorce attorney says something like "just cooperate and everything will be fine," get a free consult with a highly experienced divorce attorney! 


As more and more Courts become more and more stingy about awarding alimony-and some states are working towards limiting or eliminating alimony altogether-people often ask me how alimony is going to be calculated in their case.

Divorce, Social Security and Your Options

If you're considering or are in the process of divorce, and you're just shy of your 10th wedding anniversary, you might want to wait a bit and use the time to brush up on all things Social Security before you make the break official.

Are Divorce Laws Unfair To Men in Maryland?

On April 1, 2016, I had the opportunity to moderate a state-wide seminar on How Family law Judges Want Attorneys To Try High Conflict Custody Cases. The panel included a family law magistrate, a district court judge, two circuit court judges, a judge from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, as well as a mental health and an ethics professional.

Divorce Preparation-A Series: Part 7--How do I financially prepare for the divorce that I know is coming?

There are so many ways you will need to prepare for your impending divorce. Preparing for it emotionally is never easy. Preparing for it financially is incredibly important and can be challenging. If you are the financially dependent spouse, you might not have access to the assets or bank accounts. If you are the primary bread-winner and the spouse who does the bills, you see the impossibility of creating two separate financial households when you are barely able to pay all the bills of one household.

How Many "Passes" Should Your Spouse Get Before Divorce?

Giving or getting a pass in a marriage in an interesting concept. 

Child Custody And The Holidays-Parents Are On Trial!

So, as the holidays approach, stress between parents no longer living together increases. Who gets Christmas? Hanukkah? New Years?

Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce-Setting Up Your Spouse!

I like to read and watch what my clients are reading and watching. I draw the line at some things, but recently, I watched the first episode of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce. 

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