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Did the Beatles Invent Mediation?

"We Can Work It Out" is an iconic Beatles song, urging people to work together to solve their problems.

Is Mediation for Us?

The following blog includes an excerpt from our friends at AFCC, the international leaders in family law leaders. Harry Siegel sits on the Board of the Maryland Chapter of AFCC. 

Is Mediation Right For Everyone?

More and more courts are turning to mediation before your divorce case can go to trial. The goal is to settle your case without trial. I would say 80-90 percent of all family law cases settle before trial. The 10-20 percent of cases that do not settle tend to have common traits:


If you are getting divorced, some attorneys-and websites-will point you to an interesting alternative process called collaborative law.

Divorce and Finances-A Checklist For After Your Divorce

You are divorced, for better or for worse. You have been trying to make a to do list to close out everything related to your marriage. Let me provide you with a starter list-okay, maybe it is a bit more intense than that. The point is to get you thinking.

Get Out of My House! A Primer For Married and Un-Married Couples

Ending a relationship with a separation or ending a marriage with a divorce, whether it is in Howard County or elsewhere in the State of Maryland, presents challenges, especially when the two of you are living in the same home. Perhaps both of you own it, or perhaps only one of you owns it.

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