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We have all heard about the tragic flooding in historic Ellicott City. Many of us are stepping in to help. Let's take a minute to pause and show support for everyone who lost businesses from the flood. Did you know that divorce may be the leading cause of losing your small family owned business?

How To Prepare For a Custody Evaluation

If a custody evaluation has been ordered in your case, get to your attorney's office right away!! And if your divorce attorney says something like "just cooperate and everything will be fine," get a free consult with a highly experienced divorce attorney! 


As more and more Courts become more and more stingy about awarding alimony-and some states are working towards limiting or eliminating alimony altogether-people often ask me how alimony is going to be calculated in their case.

Divorce, Social Security and Your Options

If you're considering or are in the process of divorce, and you're just shy of your 10th wedding anniversary, you might want to wait a bit and use the time to brush up on all things Social Security before you make the break official.

How Many "Passes" Should Your Spouse Get Before Divorce?

Giving or getting a pass in a marriage in an interesting concept. 

Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce-Setting Up Your Spouse!

I like to read and watch what my clients are reading and watching. I draw the line at some things, but recently, I watched the first episode of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce. 

Tricks Spouses Play To Hide Assets

From time to time, I will try to outline some of the ways that spouses try to hide assets. There are so many ways. Typically, an attorney can hire a forensic accountant to investigate claims of hidden assets. Other times, assets are not exactly hidden, but it takes a very knowledgeable divorce attorney to figure out what they are and how to deal with them.

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