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Divorce. The word creates an emotional reaction. Will I have enough money? Will my children be okay? Will I be able to keep my house? Will we have to move away? How do I find the right attorney who will protect me? After the divorce is final, how do I pick up the pieces?

Family law cases such as divorce and child custody matters are challenging because they affect our most intimate relations. When the future of your child or children is at stake, you want to ensure their future is as bright as it can be. Whether it is the equitable distribution of your assets, the need for alimony, child support payments or the fair division of retirement assets, you will need to rely on the advice of a highly experienced law firm with an established track record for getting the job done. If you are facing a family law matter, you need to know that you are doing everything you can to ensure that the next chapter of your life is a better one. Securing the representation of a highly skilled and experienced attorney can be the key to building a better future. Who will help me? Aside from an attorney, who else do I need to call?

Our Approach To Family Law Cases

The SIEGELLAW immersion approach to family law is unique. When you meet with our SIEGELLAW attorneys, we will listen to you. We will then provide you with a thorough education to enable you to move forward with your life. Most importantly, we will provide you with options and a roadmap for your future. Our recommendations may include whether we should provide referrals for you to meet with financial experts, appraisers, business valuation experts, child counselors, educational specialists, college and financial aid consultants, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, retirement experts and so much more.

Finding the right fit between you and your attorney will be your first and most difficult challenge. First, look for an attorney specifically with extensive family law experience. General legal experience is not sufficient in this complex field of law. Second, see if the firm provides for a free initial consultation. If an attorney charges for an initial consult, that firm places its needs in front of yours. Third, find out the reputation of the attorney. The best place to start is the firm's website. Is the attorney a leader in the family law field? Does the attorney teach seminars, educating other attorneys and judges? Is the attorney active in prestigious family law organizations? What else does the attorney do? Does the attorney provide mediation services? Is the attorney often appointed by the courts to represent children in divorce cases? Does the attorney have other training such as being a parenting coordinator?

Planning your future must be all about you and your needs. You may be stepping into the divorce process blind, and even scared. By hiring a firm committed to satisfying both your present legal needs and providing guidance for your long-term life goals, you will experience the SIEGELLAW difference, as we strive to make a positive difference in your life.

Decades Of Experience And Commitment To Helping Our Clients Secure A Better Future

At SIEGELLAW, we understand that our clients come to us during times of real need, and we respond accordingly. We have decades of experience, and we continue to remain at the forefront of developments in family law in Maryland. We believe that both educating our clients and providing our clients with the tools to find collateral professionals to move forward are two of our most important roles. An educated client who clearly understands how the decisions he or she is making will shape the future is a tremendous asset toward securing a successful resolution.

Before deciding which style of resolving your matter is best for you — mediation, litigation or other options — you will need an attorney who can and will provide you with a complete education of what can be accomplished in litigation as opposed to what can be accomplished in alternatives to litigation.

Comprehensive Family Law Representation — "The Big Picture"

We offer legal representation to our clients, and we also offer our clients a process for moving forward with their lives across several fronts. We understand that divorce is an extremely complex issue and that the issues that our clients need assistance with may go beyond legal issues. We work with financial advisers, mental health specialists and any other professional that a case may call for to ensure the best outcome for our client, both for your case and for moving forward in your life. In order to move forward after your divorce, you will need to consider issues ranging from taxation issues, health insurance, life insurance, mental health therapists, college specialists, financial aid specialists and so much more.

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When divorce or any other family law issue is confronting you, you need to take timely and pro-active steps to ensure that your rights and your future are well-protected. Turn to the Howard County family law attorneys at SIEGELLAW. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 410-792-2300 or contact us online.