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Occasionally, one of my colleagues will send an email, asking for thoughts and help on certain topics. Highly experienced divorce attorneys tend to be a great resource for younger or less experienced attorneys. Here is a recent request for help on the omplex and troubling issue of stalking: 

Maryland's Domestic Violence Statute: What You Can Do Right Now

It is the middle of the night. I have just gotten beaten up by my spouse in Maryland. I live in Howard County. Or Montgomery County. Or Anne Arundel. Baltimore. Carroll. Anywhere.The police just came and left, without arresting my spouse. The police told me I could file for an ex parte to have my spouse removed from the house.

Abuse, Domestic Violence and Divorce-How To Move Forward

If you are presently in a relationship where you are being abused, everyone can tell you to get out-now. But most of the time, even though friends and family mean well, they just do not get it. It is just not that easy to get out of a relationship where there is a major power imbalance. Where will I go if I cannot get him out of the house? Will I have enough money? How can I protect my children? He is hiding the assets, and I will never get my fair share, will I?

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