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Going through a divorce includes a huge emotional component. Often, litigants forget that they need to cast aside their anger, fear and other emotions, and get down to the business of learning their finances to prepare for their financial future.

Divorce and Financial Fraud By Your Spouse

People want to protect themselves financially when going through a divorce.

When Should Financial Planning Include Divorce Planning?

Whether you are single, married, separated or divorced, financial planning is always a must. Whether you live in Howard County or elsewhere throughout the State of Maryland, financial planning is a reality for all of us.

Divorce and Finances-Make You Sure Tell Your Divorce Attorney Everything

I meet with several new clients each week. Each meeting is different. Some folks come to the office highly organized and ready to proceed. Others are not even sure if they want a divorce (divorce attorneys always know the best and worst marital counselors). Some come in, highly emotional, because their spouse is dictating the divorce.

Divorce and Finance-Finding a Divorce Attorney Who Understands Complex Financial Issues

It is more than difficult to find a divorce attorney who is right for you. First and foremost, the attorney must be competent. Second, they must understand the inclinations of the judges in the jurisdiction where a divorce trial may occur. Third, they need to understand custody, when that is relevant. Finally, and not to be understated, they must understand money.

Divorce and Finances-Should I Try To Keep The House

The pro's and cons of whether to fight to keep the house upon divorce are challenging to say the least. It involves emotion, financial planning, and quite often, thinking about what is best for the children.

Divorce and Finances-Did You Change Your Passwords, Social Media And Everything Else?

Let's play some divorce "yes" or "no." Based on your answer, you will know what to do.

Divorce and Finances-A Checklist For After Your Divorce

You are divorced, for better or for worse. You have been trying to make a to do list to close out everything related to your marriage. Let me provide you with a starter list-okay, maybe it is a bit more intense than that. The point is to get you thinking.

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