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As more and more Courts become more and more stingy about awarding alimony-and some states are working towards limiting or eliminating alimony altogether-people often ask me how alimony is going to be calculated in their case.


Attorneys are always trying the tell clients and potential clients how judges determine alimony. There are statutes, cases and all sorts of guides. Websites talk about alimony guidelines, alimony calculators and all sorts of gadgets for calculating entitlement to and amounts of alimony.

Paying Alimony and a Mortgage Can Help Your Divorce Outcome

Did I just read that right? Is that what you are thinking? I should actually want to pay alimony? I have always thought that I should fight paying alimony. Was I right?

Divorce and Affording To Pay For College-What You Do Not Know Will Definitely Hurt Your Children!

If getting divorced is not enough to stress you out, emotionally and financially, overlaying how college will be paid for on top of divorce can send anyone over the edge.

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