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August 2016 Archives

Did the Beatles Invent Mediation?

"We Can Work It Out" is an iconic Beatles song, urging people to work together to solve their problems.

Will Social Security Be Around When I Need It?

Recently, six members of the House of Representatives, led by Representative Reid Ribble (R - WI), introduced the Save Our Social Security Act (also known as the S.O.S. Act). Key provisions of the Act, with my thoughts, are outlined below. Although the Act may not pass in the near future, it begins to set the template for changes which will be required to keep Social Security afloat.

SIEGELLAW Leads By Example: Providing Free Legal Advice to Local Ellicott City Businsses Affected By Storm

The storm that recently devastated Ellicott City caused more than just physical damage to our wonderful community. The unpredictability of nature can be scary, which is why having adequate insurance coverage and emergency plans is so important. So what happens when small businesses are damaged or destroyed without sufficient coverage?

The U.S. Constitution and The Right To Parent

As a divorce attorney, I rarely have cases that involve aspects of the US. Constitution.


We have all heard about the tragic flooding in historic Ellicott City. Many of us are stepping in to help. Let's take a minute to pause and show support for everyone who lost businesses from the flood. Did you know that divorce may be the leading cause of losing your small family owned business?

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