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Going through a divorce includes a huge emotional component. Often, litigants forget that they need to cast aside their anger, fear and other emotions, and get down to the business of learning their finances to prepare for their financial future.

These can be daunting issues, but never fear, you are not alone.

Financial experts assist those dealing with a divorce in all financial aspects, e.g., completion of court financial forms, helping to develop a budget, division of assets, assistance with mediation, education of a client, asset tracing to determine marital v. non-marital, support needs, future financial planning and many other financial items related to divorce.

As an attorney, I will often recommend to my client to hire a financial expert for many of the reasons set forth above. Perhaps the most important reason to hire a financial expert during your divorce is to help answer the incredibly important questions:

1. How will I live?

2. Will there be enough money to go around?

3. How do I figure out a budget?

4. Will I have enough money to buy a home?

5. What should my financial strategy be moving forward?

6. My spouse is lying about money. How do I figure out where it is all hidden?

You are not alone when you are going through your divorce. A highly experienced family law attorney will guide you through the financial aspects of this process, which are incredibly important because the last thing you want to do is put your financial fate in the hands of a judge.

Consider this: all judges are attorneys. Few attorneys have financial backgrounds. Therefore, very very few judges have financial backgrounds!

Can you really afford to "wing it" on the financial issues in your divorce? Of course not.

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